Head of Operations

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  • Spreegold Gmbh
The head of Operations also has weight in the logistics issue. Together with the purchasing department, you will have to supervise the acquisition of new material and machinery. As well as, check that each project has the necessary equipment and supplies The operations manager is a key position for a company, as it helps to ensure the profitability of operations and the optimization of resources. Its main function is to execute the strategies and processes related to production and logistics within the organization. Tasks Manage and optimize resources: responsible for taking advantage of operations, economic resources and facilities to obtain the highest possible performance. Solve problems: make decisions and provide solutions in the face of day-to-day setbacks. Fulfill the business plan: supervise all tasks, whether in the short or medium term, to ensure that the main KPIs and strategic objectives of the company are met. Coordinate the departments: is responsible for organizing the various teams to facilitate maximum communication between them and ensure that the objectives are achieved jointly Requirements Management of the entrances of main clients Verify the units / boxes of each order Check that the different locations come out correctly with all the information Ensure that the transport has been managed and everything goes correctly Management together with Quality of possible incidents. According to the sales protocol, verify and plan to meet the delivery time of the different orders. Verify that the logistics are done correctly and with an optimized price. Prepare and verify the production calendar on a daily basis, ensuring minimum safety stock. Work together with the purchasing department to avoid stock breakage. Plan promotions for main clients. Manage the production rooms verifying that they comply with the previously established schedule. Weekly meetings to review important clients. Monthly customer needs Communication / Follow-up with accounting of these orders and incident resolution. Benefits Indefinite contract benefits